Breakfast Made Fun with Cookie Cutters

Breakfast Made Fun with Cookie Cutters

Did you know, that you could use cookie cutters for much more than just cutting the cookies? Who says breakfasts have to be boring, and there’s no way to get them more exciting? We have actually 3 different ways, to make it happen!

Shaped Fried Eggs

For this, you need to make sure, that you have a metal cookie cutter in hand, as plastic is no good for this job. You also want to make sure that the cookie cutter is big enough to hold the whole egg inside.

All you need to do is to oil your metal cookie cutter and place it in the hot pan. Crack the whole egg in it, and let it fry until it’s almost set through. Then carefully remove the cookie cutter, and voila, you have awesome looking breakfast right there.

Eggs in the Toast

That’s right not on the toast but in the toast, cause I mean, why not? Start with a slice of toast and cookie cutter that’s small enough to cut out the shape from the toast, but at the same time big enough to accommodate the whole egg. Place the toast on the hot pan, and crack the egg in the middle of it, fry until it’s nearly cooked through, or to your liking.

Fruit shapes

Do you have kids who don’t like eating fruits? Or do you just want to make your breakfast time more fun? This next tip can actually used for any day or time, not just for breakfasts.

All you need it is a various shapes of small cookie cutters, and assortment of fruits. Slice the fruit to a desired thickness, and start cutting the shapes. This could be even fun enough and your kids might join in, to help you with the cutting. Enjoy the shaped fruits as a breakfast or a snack or add them to your punch bowl during your next cocktail night.

So there you go. 3 simple ways to upgrade your breakfast with cookie cutters.