In Quest of Romantic Restaurants on Chicago’s North Shore, My Approach Yields a Romantic Rendezvous

To find romantic restaurants in Chicago on the North Shore, most people start by seeking a refuge from the stresses of the day. My approach is to use 7 criteria to find top romantic rendezvous. On my quest, I discovered one cluster of restaurants away from the noise and crowds of the Loop. Evanston restaurants, are nestled on the North Shore and just a 25 minute Metro ride away from Chicago’s bustling city center. With a cozy, intimate feel, and interior designed to promote table talk, the best restaurants in the Evanston area meet my criteria and are rated most romantic restaurant based upon: ambiance, relaxing feel, decor, wait staff attention, low noise level, delicious drinks, delectable food, and are stress free to boot! I’ve found about two dozen Chicago restaurants that qualify, yet among those, Evanston restaurants have several award winning gems for you to try. Here’s what I found in my quest for the best romantic restaurants in Chicago.

Seek out Romantic Restaurants to Escape the Business Hustle and Bustle!

If you seek a romantic dining experience in some of the best restaurants in Chicago, the top Evanston restaurants are among of the treats of choice and I’ll tell you why. Firstly, I rate romantic restaurants based upon: ambiance, relaxing feel, fresh decor, low noise level, attentive wait staff, delicious drinks, and delectable food. Most don’t qualify and a few are gems. Let’s review what you would hope to find in such and ideal establishment in Chicago-land.

Find a Romantic Neighborhood

Big cities throughout America and around the world are a main source of stress caused by traffic congestion and the Business hustle and bustle of city life. At the end of the day both residents and commuters in busy cities look to escape to a laid back quiet atmosphere that allows them to unwind, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy a delicious meal, preferably with that special someone.

The best way to leave the Business hustle and bustle is: go to a part of the city that has its own pace, low noise level and is more relaxed. Is the street scene towering buildings with wall to wall pavement and people rushing to meetings, or a bohemian mix of one to four story buildings with trees, bushes, and a sprinkling of parks and residents strolling?

The restaurants of Evanston uniquely benefit from proximity to Northwestern University, giving this part of town a college campus-like feel. There are many young people frequenting the streets, casually dressed in an understated elegance that the movies call ‘preppy’. Maybe that’s the magnet that has drawn in a half dozen restaurants who list themselves as fine dining eateries offering above average fare, and mostly living up to their claim. This low key section of town is a blend of street shops and residences all within a dozen blocks of 2 train stations so it’s quite convenient as well.

Select a Restaurant Designed for Intimate Conversation

A restaurant interior is like a theater stage. The acoustics are functional and the overall design conveys purpose and meaning. The choice of furnishings, decor, lighting, trim, colors, and decoration influence the sound level, and will set the tone for the actors. If the tension and acoustics are right, you’ve created a romantic atmosphere ideal for couples and conversation. A few Evanston restaurants are fortunate to occupy buildings that have these rare combination of characteristics, yet constructed suitably over 50 years ago, and include patio seating outdoors. This ‘outdoor stage’ must be managed similarly to create one restaurant with both indoor and outdoor dining suitable for romantics.

Be Certain that the Wait Staff is full of Attention for the Guests

It may surprise you to know how much a wait-staff affects your perception of the feel of a restaurant. The balance of attention without being obsequious provides you with an atmosphere full of the magic spell of romance. Whether the guests can cast the spell with success or not will depend on the skill of the fishermen.

If everyone at table can hear the waiter, the background noise is quiet enough for intimate conversation. This conversation factor is critical to the good humor of customers and inclines them appropriately. Only the best restaurant owners strive for this level of attention in their staff.

Delicious Drinks and Delectable Food Round Out My Requirements

It is said that wine is the elixir of the gods. Nectar of grape, properly fermented and aged, breaks down barriers and generates its own mood. Some say that a cocktail shaken not stirred, brings out the best in guests. Certain concoctions not only loosen lips, they open the heart and break down barriers of communications to bring the parties closer together. Whether it’s getting to know a date, or proposing marriage, wine is the beverage that makes it all happen.

Delicious food well served is the ‘piece de resistance’ of a romantic restaurant. There is nothing like being served a romantic meal. Appetizers are always fun. To make them romantic, choose appetizers individually and share them, one bite at a time.The first course allows you to chat with your dinner companion(s) and browse the menu, as well as hear the specials of the day from your accommodating waiter/waitress. North York Sushi

Top Evanston Restaurants have Dining Atmosphere

What completes the total picture when it comes to romantic restaurants in Chicago is ambiance. The food can be the best in the world, but if the atmosphere is lacking, the journey and intended dining goal is incomplete because an element in the package failed. Atmosphere is a combination of elements whose sum is perceived. You can feel it and know when its right. You’ve got to go out and experiment!

In the compact Evanston neighborhood, you have a sophisticated atmosphere wi