What Cake Supplies do I need to Make a Fondant Covered Cake?

There are so many fancy piping nozzles, cutters and moulds out there, you can use to create amazing and professional looking cakes. In reality, when you’re only starting out, you want to keep things simple and start with the basics.

Cake Boards

Cake boards are probably one of the most important cake supplies to start with and at the same time most forgotten, as people don’t realize how necessary they are in cake decorating. Every cake needs its own cake board, if you expect to move it around. Why? Setting your cake on a cake board gives you stability, so the cake stays together and perfectly aligned.

Spatulas and Scrapers

An offset spatula is essential tool for cake decorating. It makes spreading ganache, buttercream or icing super easy. Scrapers will help you to achieve that super smooth finish you need, in order to get nice and smooth fondant later on.


Turntable is a must in cake decorating. It’s near impossible to decorate a cake without having a turntable. You need it to stack, torte, fill and crumb coat your cake as well as for covering with fondant and decorating.

Fondant Smoothers

Fondant smoothers help you to smooth the fondant onto the cake and help to release air bubbles from under the fondant. It’s a good idea to get 2 of them, so you won’t leave your fingerprints on your freshly covered cake.

By this stage you have perfectly covered cake on your table and it’s time to add decorations on it. Decorating a cake is very much a personal preference and there really is no right or wrong to it. There are cake supplies for every occasion and most of the tools you can use on many different themes. Sometimes though, you have a specific theme, and you have to splurge and get a tool or a cutter just for this one cake, and you will never use it again after that.